HRC001: Nov 2010

Smell something?

No? Come a littler closer. Ah… there she is. The whiff of the New: the maiden voyage of the Hypercage Record Club.

Our debut daemon, HRC001 struts and stalks down the hypertrophic highway of basslined spines — T.K. vs Trax, kids vs. queens, chuggers vs sluggers… A neurotic, erotic, dystopic adventure.

Selected by ‘Cage commandos Pink Skull, Adam Sparkles, and the Broadzilla DJs, HRC001 tweaks and freaks to the Glimmers via In Flaganti, Murphy Jax with Mike Dunn, Munk bunked by Azari & III, Sly Mongoose serviced by Rub ‘N’ Tug, Kid Deep, Tensnake, MMM, and mucho, mucho más.

And to top it all off – the chewy cherry on our slimy sundae – HRC001 features stunning artwork by Mike Frank: the Dengar guardian of the Hypercage, defender of our dreams…It’s the full package, friendos. Can you smell what the Cage is cooking?


1. Neurotic Drum Band – Neurotic Erotic Adventure (Dub Mix)
2. Crimeax –  Liubov
3. Hot Toddy – Won’t Let Go
4. Rollmottle – Take A Break (Maurice Fulton Remix)
5. Dextrax – E-Glez
6. Kid Deep – Looking 4 Someone
7. Chamboche – On The Streets (Brontosaurus Remix)
8. LSB – Cosmic Wild Boar
9. Scissor Sisters –  Any Which Way (Tensnake Remix)
10. Cosmic Kids – Reginald’s Groove
11. Sun, Sun, Sun – Curious (Instrumental)
12. Murphy Jax ft. Mike Dunn – It’s The Music
13. Pete Heller – Nu Acid
14. Prinzhorn Dance School – Off The Radar, Off The System
15. The Glimmers & Baby G – Esta Si Esta No (In Flagranti Remix)
16. Munk – La Musica (Azari & III Remix)
17. MMM – Donna
18. Triangle Orchestra – The Strip

Here’s how the HYPERCAGE RECORD CLUB works:

Sign up at the door at the 11/19/10 Making Time or send an email to to receive a free download of the debut Hypercage Record Club mix (HRC001). Here’s a small taste of the full mix:

The earliest birds in the door will also receive a special gift by mail – a VERY limited edition hard-copy CD of the mix (featuring original hand-screened artwork), plus other surprises.

Membership has its privileges… in the HYPERCAGE RECORD CLUB.


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  2. […] Time or send an email to to receive a free download of the debut Hypercage Record Club mix (HRC001). Here’s a small taste of the full […]

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